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Where CrossFit Meets Moving

July 30th, 2017

Where-Crossfit-Meets-MovingCrossFit. It is the exercise that has taken the world by storm.

Not only a workout, but for those who adopt the practices CrossFit embodies it becomes a lifestyle. Its reach can be seen from the CrossFit athletes on social media and TV screens; to my dad applying the movements he learns at the gym in his job at Professional


Professional Team Member shoulder presses weights high above his head. This kind of movement mimics one of the many techniques needed when lifting furniture.

For those unaware CrossFit is a high intensity fitness program that incorporates elements from several sports and types of exercise. The purpose of the movements practiced in CrossFit is to make everyday life easier.

Evan Jacobson, CrossFit athlete of 7 years and Rogue Fitness employee says “It is a lifestyle” and CrossFit is “Centered around the thought that I want to be healthy and active in all stages of life”.

CrossFit enables people to partake in all aspects of their live and not sit idly by and watch opportunities to live pass them up.

Workouts for CrossFit are intense. They push the athlete to their limit.

A typical workout begins with a warm up, then weight training, after this is the final workout. This extreme of a workout can sometimes seem daunting but anyone has the capability of becoming a CrossFit athlete. Men and women of all different ages can be found at these gyms practicing this lifestyle. A positive mindset is all that is needed to secede in CrossFit.

While the motions practiced in CrossFit may come off as intense they all serve a purpose. All movements used are modified from motions used in everyday life. Because, one of the main goals of CrossFit is to make day to day life easier it is important that the movements practiced at CrossFit are able to be applied to everyday life. CrossFit enables people to become an active participant in their own lives.

A major part of life is moving.  Moving homes, office spaces, and heavy furniture, can seem like a daunting task and are all occasions that the movements CrossFit teaches can come into play. It is important when moving to keep a strong core and have the proper from of squat to prevent injury. Both of these movements are learned, practiced, and refined properly in a CrossFit gym.

Professional knows how important basic skills are for moving. Team members are shown the proper from and safe way to move items. Team leaders teach other movers proper moving technique on every job. Much like CrossFit, moving is as much about the individual as it is about the goal and the team.

The safety of their team members and a smooth move are very important to the Professional family. They train their team members to be the best they can be and lead a healthy lifestyle. Professional is a family who takes the care and safe keeping of that family extremely seriously.

Much like the CrossFit community, Professional knows how important it is to be able to live a life and not watch it pass you by. Which is why when they move business, families, and individuals they aim to make the move as easy as possible so everyone involved can go back to enjoying the fun things in life.

Both of these communities support their team members and encourage individual growth within.

If you have an upcoming move and need to hire team focused professionals, fill out the form above or call
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As the main provider of CrossFit equipment and gear Rogue Fitness is a company that believes in an active lifestyle. They also believe in supporting their workers and community. Using the concept of the Industrial Revolution 2.0, they make everything in Columbus, OH. This ensures their customers receive a quality product made in the United States. Much like Professional they understand the power the community around them holds. Rogue Fitness: a company that is building stronger businesses, better products, and a happier workforce.

About the Author:

Stefanie Jacobson is currently a Senior at Central Michigan University. She is perusing her degree in Advertising in hopes of taking products to the next level. By day an amateur adventure and by night a wannabe movie critic. Find her on Twitter @stefaniejacobso and Instagram @stefaniejacobson

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