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Award Winning Customer Service

Award Winning

As featured in the Customer Service Book, "Whos Your Gladys?"

Brand Camp Testimonial

December 5th, 2011

Brand Camp IV Detroit, Wayne State University: Tuesday, November 8, 2011


“A Terrific First Experience”

Brand Camp

Whether you are a part of a large business or just creating a new business from the ground up; Brand Camp University was a terrific experience to learn how to make one’s self and their business a brand.

I am a recent college graduate that was just hired as the assistant accounting clerk at Professional in Walled Lake MI; and I am very excited about learning how to better improve our business with branding.

I was very fortunate enough to get to hear many of Brand Camp’s speaker’s stories and advice for improving and even starting a whole new business. At Professional we strive on creating a stronger business to better improve the quality of our service for each customer and client.

Hajj Fleming’s; the creator of Brand Camp’s presentation was very insightful. Hajj was very passionate about connecting emotionally with your business. He explained that branding your businesses is about making sure your customers and clients have an emotional experience with your company. Branding is more than just creating an image for your business; but creating something that people can passionately relate to and share with others.

One of my favorite presentations was from Josh Linkner. I’m very excited that he is managing the Detroit Venture Partner’s Project; to help rebuild the Detroit area with new strong businesses. I really respect what Josh’s is creating by bringing businesses back into Detroit. At Professional we just launched our Detroit Moving Incentive; where our company’s goal is to help pioneer Detroit’s latest renaissance by providing relocation discounts to the businesses and people who are leading the way by investing and repopulating our downtown. Josh Linkner is truly an inspiration to me because he challenges conventionalism by creating a unique brand that gets people’s attention. He even recommended a new form of brainstorming, where you and your business partners “role-storm.” Josh and his partners pretended they were the characters from Madmen; it helped with his confidence and creativity. It is important to always keep challenging yourself.

I really enjoyed seeing Melinda Emerson (“the small biz lady”) speak; she was extremely funny and had a lot of advice for starting a small business from nothing and creating it into something strong. You have to start a business that people are willing to pay for; you have to make your business stand out. The best advice Melinda gave was to really think about your customer in detail; who they are and what they truly want. The best guidance that Melinda offered was to find a professional mentor. She recommended a terrific website; where you can get free confidential mentoring from someone who has experience working in your particular field. The ending of Melinda’s presentation was really entertaining because she discussed the importance of getting yourself pumped up by having your own theme song. Melinda ended with a dance to her own theme song.

Overall, I had such a good time at Brand Camp University. It was a wonderful learning experience for a recent college graduate. Everyone, including the presenters was extremely friendly to talk to. I learned a lot of valuable advice to pass along to better improve Professional

Best Regards,


Carlee Weinbaum


Assistant Accounting Clerk


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